Bicycling and bike routes surging ahead in Minnesota

A bicyclist smiles
North Minneapolis resident Eva Bailey smiles as she rides on the Minnehaha Creek bike path during a Slow Roll MSP group ride on Tuesday. Bailey said she borrowed her brother’s folding bike for the event, but she normally prefers to ride her gravel bike.
Ben Hovland | MPR News

Bicycling is growing in more ways than one in Minnesota. During the COVID-19 pandemic bike sales shot up and more people started biking recreationally.

City and regional planners are also encouraging bicycling with the expansion of protected bike lanes and trail networks that let you get from point A to point B without riding on the road. But, today’s cyclists are a diverse pack, including fast racers, slow beginners, kids, commuters and electric bike riders. How can everyone share the paths?

MPR News host Angela Davis spoke with two avid bicyclists about how to get into bicycling and tips on using trails and bike lanes.


  • DeWayne Combs is a physical education teacher at Murray Middle School in St. Paul. He’s worked for St. Paul Public Schools for 31 years and was a finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the Year in 2020 for his work introducing hundreds of students to bicycling. He’s also raced mountain bikes and commutes from Stillwater to St. Paul by bike. 

  • Elissa Schufman is director of strategic partnerships at Move Minnesota, a St. Paul-based advocacy group that promotes transit, biking, and walking. She also chairs the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Board and commutes to work by bike.

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