White House correspondent April Ryan on her new book 'Black Women Will Save The World'

A woman poses with her book
April Ryan and her book "The Black Women Will Save The World."
Courtesy of Jon Hill

April Ryan is the longest-serving Black female White House correspondent. She has a 25-year tenure spanning five presidential administrations. She regularly appears on CNN as a political analyst, and is the Washington D.C Bureau Chief on TheGrio. 

For many Americans, though, April Ryan became a household name after former President Donald Trump singled her out and verbally harassed her while she covered his administration. 

This month, Ryan has a new book out, called "Black Women Will Save The World: An Anthem." In the book, Ryan details the many ways Black women have shaped American history, and the profound price they often pay for their leadership. 

Ryan will be in St. Paul Oct. 9 to emcee the annual Opus & Olives Gala, a fundraiser for the Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library. 

MPR News host Angela Davis speaks with April Ryan about her new book, and her unique perspective on American politics from the White House. 


April Ryan is a White House correspondent, CNN analyst and author. Her latest book “Black Women Will Save The World” is out on Oct. 18. 

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