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The best books to give kids this holiday season, from a bookseller and librarian

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Some of the best books for kids and teens were brought by guests Holly Weinkauf and Lisa Von Drasek for the show.
Courtesy of Angela Davis

The holiday season is here. Why not give a book to the child in your life?  

Whether your child is interested in fantasy or soccer, art or activism, there’s a book out there to interest everyone. 

MPR News host Angela Davis talked to a bookseller and a librarian about some of the best books for kids and teens this holiday season. 


Here are some of the titles they suggested:

“Enzo Isn't There” by Thomas Ellis

enzo isnt there book cover
Book cover of "Enzo isn't there" by Thomas Ellis
Courtesy of Red Balloon Bookshop

“After Enzo dies, his sibling is left with a lot of complicated feelings. While sorting through them, a beautiful love story emerges, showing how memories and supportive friends can help kids cope and create new understandings during the difficult process of grieving.” — Beaver's Pond Press

“Where We Come From” by Diane Wilson, John Coy, Shannon Gibney and Sun Yung Shin

where we come from book cover
Book cover of Where we come from" by Diane Wilson, John Coy, Shanon Gibney and Sun Yung Shin
Courtesy of Red Balloon Bookshop

“In this unique collaboration, four Minnesota writers lyrically explore where they each come from - literally and metaphorically - as well as what unites all of us as humans.” — Carolrhoda Books

“Everything Under the Sun” by Molly Oldfield

everything under the sun book cover
Book cover of "Everything under the sun" by Molly Oldfield
Courtesy of Red Balloon Bookshop

“This amazing compendium of information grew out of UK author Molly Oldfield’s podcast answering questions from curious children around the world. Here are 366 such questions, along with answers from experts in every imaginable field – one for every day of the year plus an extra one for leap years – with illustrations by a dozen different artists.” — Kane Miller

“Gaby’s Latin American Kitchen” by Gaby Melian

gabys latin american kitchen book cover
Book cover of "Gaby's Latin American Kitchen" by Gaby Melian
Courtesy of Red Balloon Bookshop

“Celebrity Chef Gaby Melian brings you into her kitchen to teach the best recipes she’s learned from all over Latin America. From desayuno (breakfast) to cena (dinner), merienda (snacks) to postre (dessert), your young chef will be a pro in no time.” — America's Test Kitchen Kids

“Mashkiki Road: The Seven Grandfather Teachings” by Elizabeth S. Barrett

mashkiki book cover
Book cover of "Mashkiki Road" by Elizabeth S. Barrett
Courtesy of Red Balloon Bookshop

“Three young cousins explore the woods in search of medicines that heal and purify, also gathering advice from wise beings who offer life lessons cherished through generations.” — Minnesota Historical Society Press

Free books available online

You can also find your favorite books online and for free on the Ebooks Minnesota website. This is an online e-book collection provided by Minitex, a state-funded library organization located at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

According to their website, Ebooks Minnesota provides e-books with a variety of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction, for readers of all ages. It also features content from our state's independent publishers, as well as national and international publishers.  

Want to learn about more book titles? Use the audio player above to listen to the program.

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