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MPR News podcast Untangled Roots celebrates Minnesotans of color 

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MPR News producer Twila Dang (left) and MPR News editor Brandt Williams are telling stories of Minnesota's communities of color on the new podcast Untangled Roots.
Evan Frost and Arshia Hussain | MPR News

Untangled Roots is celebrates the history and culture of communities of color across Minnesota, with a focus on Black experiences.  

The first season pf the MPR News podcast explores what the Rondo neighborhood in St. Paul meant and still means to Black Minnesotans and what ethnic enclaves like “Little Mekong” on University Avenue in St. Paul contribute to the state.

Co-hosts Brandt Williams and Jonathan Rabb also have frank conversations about Black cultural spaces and what it’s like for new Black Minnesotans to find community and connection.

MPR News host Angela Davis talks with the people behind the podcast in the North Star Journey project.  

a host and two guests in a studio
MPR News host Angela Davis talks with MPR News producer, Twila Dang and MPR News editor, Brandt Williams about the North Star Journey podcast: "Untangled Roots."
Maja Beckstrom | MPR News


North Star Journey was made possible in part with funds from the Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

This activity is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.
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