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The climate crisis is causing climate anxiety

The sun rises above the horizon
The sun rises above the Mississippi River valley at the start of another warm, hazy summer day on July 17, 2021, as seen from South St. Paul, Minn.
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The warming climate is making people anxious. The planet seems to be hurtling into an uncertain future and not enough is being done to stop it.  

A University of Minnesota survey showed that 76 percent of Minnesotans are concerned about climate change, and many of those people are now experiencing climate anxiety — with 30 percent of Generation Z regularly feeling anxious about the state of the climate.  

MPR News host Angela Davis will talk with a climate journalist from The Washington Post and an environmental studies professor from Macalester College about the link between climate change and mental health, and how to cope with climate anxiety.  

host and guest pose for a picture
MPR News host Angela Davis (left) talks with Christie Manning in an MPR News studio in the Kling Public Media Center in St. Paul on Wednesday.
Matt Alvarez


  • Christie Manning is an associate professor of environmental studies at Macalester College. Her research focuses on how people respond to the climate crisis, with a particular interest in the psychological circumstances that motivate community-level action.

  • Allyson Chiu is a reporter covering climate solutions for The Washington Post.

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