Politics Friday

Politics Friday: Unfinished business at the Capitol

A large Capitol building is seen through budding trees
The Minnesota State Capitol building is pictured on May 8.
Ben Hovland | MPR News 2023

The two weeks that remain in the Minnesota Legislature’s 2024 session will result in a flurry of votes, negotiations and certainly twists.

One key piece of unfinished business is the bonding bill — the slate of publicly financed construction projects that need state signoff to move ahead.  

MPR News host Brian Bakst talks with the chair of the House Capital Investment Committee about the construction financing plan as it comes together.  

Also, what might an upcoming Senate Ethics Committee hearing look like? The conduct of two members in the closely divided chamber is under review. 

Plus, the latest in MPR News’ peer-led conversations with Gen. Z voters about how they’re approaching the coming election.

Later, a check-in with a pair of Capitol reporters as the legislative session reaches its home stretch. MPR’s Dana Ferguson and Peter Callaghan from the MinnPost join the conversation.

college students stand for a picture
MPR News politics fellow Ellie Roth (right) speaks with three U of M students about politics. Charlie Eggers (left), Marko Mirkovic (center-left) and Jack Christensen (center) shared their thoughts about the November election and recent college protests on campus on April 30.
Matthew Alvarez | MPR News


  • Rep. Fue Lee is the Chair of the House Capital Investment Committee.  

  • Ember Reichgott Junge is a former senator, DFL-Robbinsdale, and served as the committee chair for the Rules and Administration - Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct Committee in the Minnesota Senate.  

  • Marko Mirkovic is a student at the University of Minnesota.  

  • Jack Christensen is a student at the University of Minnesota.  

  • Charlie Eggers is a student at the University of Minnesota.  

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