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Inspiration and advice for summer gardening  

veggies growing in pots and wood raised beds in a shady backyard
Peppers, lettuce, kale, tomatoes and other veggies line the patio in this backyard in the Como Park neighborhood of St. Paul.
Sam Wisneski

We’re almost through the month of May and the peonies are getting ready to bloom.  

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s too late to plant flowers or get some seeds in the vegetable plot. Well, it’s not!

MPR News host Angela Davis talked with two horticultural experts about how to make our yards and gardens flourish as we head into summer.  

They talked about all the things you can still plant this season, ways to make your yard more friendly to the birds and the bees and how to adapt to the longer and warmer growing seasons brought by climate change.  

three people in the studio
(From left to right): MPR News host Angela Davis talks with Catherine Grant and Laura Irish-Hanson on Tuesday in an MPR News studio in St. Paul.
Nikhil Kumaran | MPR News


  • Laura Irish-Hanson is a horticulture educator with the University of Minnesota Extension. She works primarily out of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska.

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