Minnesota Now with Cathy Wurzer

Minnesota Now: June 10, 2024

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A new survey of Minnesota voters found president Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump are nearly tied at this point in the campaigns. We dug into the poll with an analyst and heard from Minnesotans who are planning to vote red, blue or not at all.

It’s the end of a school year, and hundreds of districts and local unions have new teacher contracts. We learned where they landed.

It’s safe to say climate change and insurance are not a good mix. We spoke with an expert about the impact on insurers and homeowners.

And after years of inflation, a few companies have announced they’ll lower prices for some basic goods. Are they just being nice? We found out.

Our Minnesota Music Minute today was “The Moment” by The Jest, and our Song of the Day was “Out of My Head” by Eleanor Sievers.

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