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Minnesota Now: June 12, 2024

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MPR News is tracking severe weather across the state. Our chief meteorologist Paul Huttner joined us at the top of the hour with the latest weather updates.

The Minneapolis Public Schools school board president broke down the district budget cuts passed last night.

On Wednesday, North Dakotans voted to set an age limit for people who can run for Congress in their state. We spoke with the person who helped get the measure on the ballot.

PWHL Minnesota is embroiled in controversy. A hockey reporter shared what he thinks is happening behind closed doors.

A new photography studio is making sure LGBTQ+ folks feel comfortable in front of the camera. And a new coffee shop is hoping to be a third space for Muslim youth in Minnesota.

Our Minnesota Music Minute was “Chelsea” by sahn, and our Song of the Day was “Boho Bob” by Ginseng and Morels.

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