Marcheta Fornoff

Marcheta Fornoff

Lead Producer, MPR News with Kerri Miller, Cube Critics host

We know that there are a lot of different places you can get your news, and my job as lead producer of MPR News with Kerri Miller is to create programming that is worthy of your most precious commodity: your time.

Every day, I’m researching new topics for our show, looking for new voices to add to our conversations and asking my team how we’re going to advance each discussion. My favorite part of our show is that we’re not just talking to the audience, but with them. The calls I take in the control room, or emails I get after the broadcast, help inform future show topics and provide ideas for my weekend reporting shifts.

When I’m not editing audio or writing copy for the web, you can usually find me sitting in a dark theater scratching out film reviews with a tiny golf pencil. Hear about the movies that are worth seeing—and which ones are safe to skip—on Cube Critics, the podcast I co-host with my friend and colleague, Euan Kerr.

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