Aw Jeez: A Fargo Podcast

“Aw Jeez” is a Fargo recap podcast from the frozen land of murder and mayhem: Minnesota. Every week we discuss what went down and who’s dead now. Historians, comedians, mob experts and more stop by to discuss all of Season Three's happenings.

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'Fargo' recap: An act of cruelty
Who survived the sprawling Midwestern mayhem? The end of the second season of "Fargo" brings it home to Minnesota.
A crash course in the Minnesota accent
The television show "Fargo" has people split: Are the accents accurate or over-the-top? A dialect coach gives a crash course in the Minnesota sound.
'Fargo' recap: You gonna be nice?
Peggy and Ed Blumquist get away to the cabin for the weekend -- and they have a man in their trunk for the trip.
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