Kerri Miller Brief

Is Facebook fading?
In December of last year Facebook reported having 1.04 billion active users daily. However, it's estimated that about one million teens a year are opting for other forms of social media.
MPR News host Kerri Miller asked three experts about the foreign policy challenges the next president will confront and how the U.S. vision of the future compares to that of other world powers.
Climate Cast: Why so little climate coverage on TV news?
Long-time WCCO reporter and anchor Don Shelby talks about the pressures television newsrooms face when deciding whether to cover climate change as a news story.
Three journalists from around the world share their take on how the U.S. presidential elections are being received overseas.
Opinion & Commentary: Peyton Manning should have faced tougher questions at his retirement
Sports columnist Christine Brennan says there was something missing when Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning announced his retirement on Monday: honest answers.
What's breaking the Republican Party?
Two political writers talk about where the Republican Party lost touch with its base voters and what it will take to unify the conservative movement.