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The shadow fighters of the Civil War
Historian Patrick O’Donnell spotted an intriguing roadside marker and then spent six years researching a part of the Civil War long forgotten. His new book, “The Unvanquished,” tells the story shape-shifting spies, fearless guerilla fighters and military leaders straight out of a movie.
Minnesota author Tai Coleman on families, hope and surviving America while Black
Poet and writer Taiyon Coleman’s new essay collection, “Traveling without Moving,” is a personal take on what it’s like to be a Black woman in today’s America.
Can you create your own luck?
Social scientist Mark Robert Rank says: not really. You can and should work hard. Talent plays a role. But random chance has far more to do with success than sheer determination.
Samira Ahmed on ‘This Book Won't Burn’
After a family tragedy, Noor Khan is forced to finish her senior year of high school in a small town where she discovers — to her horror — that books are disappearing from the school library.
Minnesota’s own Leif Enger joined MPR News host Kerri Miller in Red Wing this week for a Talking Volumes conversation about his new novel, “I Cheerfully Refuse.”
Alua Arthur says facing death is the key to living well
In her work as a death doula, Alua Arthur has been present for thousands of deaths. Her new book, “Briefly Perfectly Human,” says facing your mortality is the best way to live a purposeful and joyful life.
Lea Carpenter explores what happens when the business of spying gets personal
Lea Carpenter’s latest spy novel unfolds as a last-chance operation against a high-value target led by a naïve and inexperienced recruit.
Lydia Millet writes a devotion to the species disappearing from our planet
Lydia Millet’s “We Loved It All” is a lush lament to the natural world slipping through our fingers and a call to save what we still can.