Meet the candidates: Becky Lourey

Becky Lourey
Sen. Becky Lourey announced her candidacy for governor at a news conference in November 2005.
MPR Photo/Bob Kelliher

Tuesday, March 7, is precinct caucus day in Minnesota, when party activists are supposed to decide which candidate they support for governor and for the U.S. Senate. The caucuses are the first official step in Minnesota's political process, and while hardly decisive, they do provide a good snapshot of which candidates enjoy the most support.

Midday's Meet the Candidates series continues with gubernatorial contender state Sen. Becky Lourey, DFL-Kerrick. Lourey is a three-term state legislator and a small business owner from east central Minnesota.

She ran for governor four years ago but dropped out when she failed to win her party's endorsement. This time, she says she will run in the September primary, with or without party endorsement.

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