Julie Walters gives "Driving Lessons"

In "Driving Lessons" a retired actor Evie (Julie Walters) teaches a sheltered young man called Ben (Rupert Grint) about the ways of the world.
Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Evie is played by veteran British actor Julie Walters. Rupert Grint is Ben. He's better known to legions of Harry Potter fans as the red-haired Ron Weasley. Walters is also in the Potter films as Ron's mom, Mrs Weasley.

Walters and Brock
Julie Walters and Jeremy Brock
MPR Photo/Euan Kerr

Evie drags the shy and unworldly Ben on a series of adventures, including making him drive her half the length of Britain.

"Driving Lessons" is based on the real life experiences of director Jeremy Brock. As a teenager he answered an ad and ended up cleaning the house of the famed stage actor Dame Peggy Ashcroft.

Jeremy Brock and Julie Walters visited the MPR studios recently. Brock quickly pointed out that Dame Peggy was nowhere near as badly behaved as his creation Evie. Julie Walters told Minnesota Public Radio's Euan Kerr she fell in love the script as soon as she read it.

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