Wiccans fight for soldier's rights against the VA

The Wiccan Pentacle is not on the list of emblems that can be inscribed on government issued memorial markers, headstones, and plaques for deceased veterans.
Image courtesy of Circle Sanctuary

Wiccans and other members of nature-based pagan religions are planning to gather Saturday at the State Capitol. They are hoping to bring attention to pagans who are serving in the military and a legal battle they are waging with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

At issue is whether to allow the pentacle, a Wiccan symbol, on the tombstones of fallen Wiccan soldiers.

The Rev. Selena Fox will speak at the event. She is the senior minister of Circle Sanctuary in southwest Wisconsin, one of the oldest and largest Wiccan churches in the United States.

Tom Crann asked Rev. Fox why the Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance is planning to hold an event at the Capitol.

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