Sleep with the fishes - and other options for your loved ones

Eternal Reefs
Eternal Reefs, a company based in Georgia, mixes ashes with concrete to create artificial reefs. The reefs are placed at the bottom of the sea and become home for marine life.
Eternal Reefs

The Cremation Association of North America predicts that, by the year 2025, 48 percent of Americans will choose to be cremated upon death. A decade ago, just 18 percent went with that option.

As the popularity of cremation grows, so does the number of things you can do with cremated remains.

It seems people are no longer content to place their loved ones' ashes in a nice urn on the mantle. Instead, they're taking the remains of their dearly departed and turning them into diamond pendants. Or they're launching them into lunar orbit aboard a space capsule.

Reporter Nikki Tundel and DJ Mary Lucia talk about some of the more unique ways to honor the dead.

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