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Songs from Scratch FAQ

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How long can my song be?

As long as you'd like it to be. But our file upload limit is 8 mb, so if your .mp3 is bigger than that we won't be able to accept your song. Shoot for a remix that tightens the audio!

When is the deadline?

The deadline for submissions is Friday, Aug. 31, 2007.

Can I send my song through e-mail or snail mail?

Sorry, no. The only way to submit your entry is through the online submission form, and it must be in an .mp3 format.

I'm having technical trouble. Who should I contact?

Use MPR's Web form to reach us.

Do I really have to use the lyrics? I was thinking...

Yes. You really have to use the lyrics. It is a critical part of the project. The rules we gave the bands are simple. Don't cut any words from the lyrics. You can repeat lines, you can choose your own chorus, you can rearrange lines to fit your song. Try it out and see what happens.

More importantly, let us know what process you used and how you arrived at the finished song. Why did you work with the words the way you did? How did it turn out? When you submit your song, you can tell us about your experience.

Where will my song appear?

We plan to feature some of the songs on the Web site as part of the project, but we're not required to, so make sure your audio file is clear, swear-free, and fully working.

Can I release my version of this song on my next album?

MPR grants permission for you to use the Songs from Scratch song lyrics only for purposes of Songs from Scratch. Any other use of the lyrics requires a license. Read the rest of the fine print on the form for more details.

Please contact the permissions coordinator at permissions@mpr.org or 651.290.1199 -- only if you have questions about rights to the music.

All other questions should be submitted through MPR's Web form (there's a link in the right column on this page).