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Skrowaczewski's flute extravaganza

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Adam Kuenzel
Minnesota Orchestra principal flute Adam Kuenzel is the soloist for the premiere of conductor/composer Stanislaw Skrowaczewski's latest work.
Photo by Ann Marsden

This week Minnesota Orchestra principal flutist Adam Kuenzel is pushing the extreme technical and sonic possibilities of his instrument. He's soloing in the premiere of Stanislaw Skrowaczewski's "Fantasia for Flute and Orchestra - The Piper in the Night."

The three movement work is scored for both the standard flute and the moody, mysterious sounding alto flute. It includes wild cadenzas in which Kuenzel bends notes, clicks the keys of his instrument and creates multiphonic effects.  Kuenzel says he's using these unusual sounds to tell the story of the piper in the piece's subtitle.  

Performances are Friday and Saturday night at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. Skrowaczewski is conducting.

Kuenzel spoke with Minnesota Public Radio host Alison Young on the stage of Orchestra Hall and demonstrated both the wildness and beauty of the Skrowaczewski concerto.