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Curt Ellis meets King Corn

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Corn field
Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis enjoy the fruits of their labors in "King Corn"
Image courtesy Mosaic Features

But instead of heading to the internet or the library, Ellis and Cheney headed to Iowa. 

They rented an acre of prime Iowa farmland, and planted it with corn, just to see how it would all work.

Corn fed
Ian Cheney (left) and Curt Ellis were not impressed by the flavor of their corn. They said it tasted of chalk.
Image courtesy Mosaic Films

They also filmed their exploits and this weekend the resulting documentary  "King Corn"  will screen in the Twin Cities. 

Curt Ellis told Minnesota Public Radio's Euan Kerr while he's a beef fan, there was a good reason to focus on corn. He says it's in just about everything we eat.