Independence Party considering changes to its rules

Minnesota's Independence Party is considering a change to its rules that would allow it to endorse candidates from other political parties.

Party delegates will vote on the proposal Saturday during their state convention in Bloomington, Minn.

Independence Party Chairman Craig Swaggert said candidates from other parties have recently approached the IP asking about the possibility of endorsement, but he would not say who. Swaggert said cross endorsement could benefit the party.

"We're becoming more and more of a party that wants to focus on good government and the priorities that we've set forth in our platform. And if candidates from other parties are in line with our platform, we see it as a potential to really forward the movement of the Independence Party," said Swaggert.

Although Swaggert said there have been discussions with some potential candidates, the Independce Party has not yet endorsed a U.S. Senate candidate. Stephen Williams of Brownsdale, Minn., is seeking the party endorsement for the second time.

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