Paulsen announces his bid for Ramstad's seat

Erik Paulsen
State Rep. Erik Paulsen announced his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives on Sunday. Paulsen is vying for Congressman Jim Ramstad's seat.
MPR Photo/Jessica Mador

Republican State Rep. Erik Paulsen is pledging to reform education and bring down the cost of healthcare if he is elected to Congress. Paulsen officially announced his candidacy for Minnesota's third district in Minnetonka, Minn., on Sunday.

The seven-term Eden Prairie state representative told the crowd that his record of bipartisan cooperation gives him the experience needed to tackle tough issues like national security and reforming education.

"I'm running for Congress to improve our country not only for my four daughters, but for everyone else's children, because I'm totally focused on what the world will look like as they become adult," Paulsen said. "We've got to get back on the right track, or this will be the first American generation that has fewer choices and opportunities than the previous generation."

Paulsen is the only Republican candidate running to replace Republican Jim Ramstad, who is retiring.

Democrats in the race are State Sen. Terri Bonoff, Iraq war vet Ashwin Madia and Edina Mayor Jim Hovland.

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