NWA pilots meet to discuss merger possibility

Northwest plane
Northwest Airlines plane.
MPR file photo

The pilots have a lot to talk about during their meeting.

Delta has made strides in convincing its pilots to support a merger. In addition, the carrier has offered raises and other contract improvements to its cockpit crews.

But the Northwest pilots have been stuck on the sidelines.

Last week, they signaled their unhappiness with the situation. The union warned that negotiations that don't involve all parties are rarely successful.

One big question facing Northwest pilot leaders is whether the terms offered to the Delta pilots are acceptable for their own members. And if not, what's the response.

Either way, the two pilot groups have yet to resolve the thorny issue of seniority.

How the unions combine their seniority lists can have a major impact on a pilot's long term earnings.

The two groups have already tried once to merge their lists and gave up.