Minn. Democrat who chided Franken won't pick sides

Rep. Betty McCollum
Rep. Betty McCollum said she was keeping her "options open" and did not commit to supporting the U.S. candidate DFLers endorse at their state convention in Rochester. McCollum has openly questioned whether candidate Al Franken is electable, because of his controversial satiric writings. McCollum previously supported Mike Ciresi in the race, before Ciresi dropped out.
MPR Photo/Curtis Gilbert

The leading Democrat to criticize Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken over racy material from his past career in satire isn't picking sides now that Franken faces a primary challenger.

U.S. Representative Betty McCollum says she is waiting to ask Franken how he plans to put the issue behind him and unseat Republican Norm Coleman.

McCollum says Franken had to reschedule a meeting planned for earlier this week.

She says she won't say much more until they talk face-to-face.

McCollum says she doesn't know much about Priscilla Lord Faris, the St. Paul attorney who emerged this week as Franken's Democratic primary opponent.