Lord Faris releases first anti-Franken ad

Anti-Franken ad
DFL Senate candidate Priscilla Lord Faris released her first TV ad, calling into question the electability of the party's endorsed candidate, Al Franken.
Image courtesy of the Lord Faris campaign

Lord Faris's ad claims DFL-endorsed Senate candidate Al Franken is unelectable because of his background.

"No matter how many millions he spends, it is clear that his history of pornography, degrading women and minorities, and his questionable financial transactions, will continue to be the focus on blistering Republican attack ads."

Lord Faris defended the sharp tone of her ad.

"Yeah, I'm hitting it hard. I'm honest," said Lord Faris. "I'm not lying, or I'm not making anything up. I'm just telling it as I see it, and as a lot of other people see it."

Lord Faris's campaign says it plans to spend about $100,000 on its current ad campaign, and that the spots are airing on broadcast and cable TV.

The Franken campaign says it's focused on defeating Republican incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman.