Paulsen offers views on energy issues

Energy event
GOP Congressional candidate Erik Paulsen spoke to reporters at a gas station in Eden Prairie on Friday, discussing his views on various energy-related issues. Paulsen faces DFLer Ashwin Madia and two Independence Party candidates this fall in the race to replace retiring Rep. Jim Ramstad.
MPR Photo/Tom Weber

The Republican running to replace retiring 3rd District U.S. Rep. Jim Ramstad is calling for off-shore drilling and more alternative energy.

State Rep. Erik Paulsen says he'd work to promote wind, solar and nuclear power, if elected. He also supports drilling for oil offshore, but not in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

Paulsen says the U.S. should tap the nation's oil reserve and spend money on alternative energy research, as well as tax breaks for businesses that use alternative fuel.

"It's the leaders in Congress that are refusing to deal with the critical issues on tax policy and energy policy," Paulsen said, at an event at a gas station in Eden Prairie. "And I think the members themselves -- we need to step up and pressure the leadership to answer these questions. And one member, myself included, can absolutely make a difference in that direction."

Paulsen's DFL opponent Ashwin Madia supports federal incentives for alternative energy. Madia also supports a manditory cap-and-trade system for carbon dioxide emissions.

David Dillon, one of two Independence Party candidates in the 3rd District race, says he supports scaling back subsidies for corn-based ethanol and spending public dollars to develop power from fusion, currently still an experimental technology.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)