Blizzard conditions


Snow covered highways and slow traffic along Highway 212 in Eden Prairie

Blizzard and near blizzard conditions will continue through Sunday for much of the Upper Midwest. 4" to 8" snowfall totals are getting whipped around by winds in excess of 30 to 40 mph. The hardest hit areas are in southwest and western Minnesota, where visibilities will be near 0 at times in whiteout conditions.

Falling snow will gradually taper off this evening from southwest to northeast around the metro as the back edge of the first band of snow pivots through. We may see a break in the snow tonight, then pick up another inch or two in the "wrap around" Sunday.

Gusty winds will follow whipping snow airborne with gusts over 30mph. Even here in the metro, visibilities will be down under half a mile tonight. This is a fairly dry snow with snow to water ratios around 12:1 so it blows around pretty easily.

This 3-part storm features snow first, then wind, then bitter arctic cold. These are the kind of storms your mom & dad used to tell you about. Think twice about travel anywhere in Minnesota this weekend.

I measured 4" of new snow as of 3pm at the Huttner Weather Lab in the west metro.

Here are some other snow totals and resources to track the storm this weekend.

Stay warm and stay safe!


Twin Cities NWS snofall reports

Twin Cities radar loop

Current weather and visibility reports around Minnesota

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