St. Paul plows working to keep up with steady snow

A south Minneapolis resident tried to keep up with the falling snow on Saturday.
MPR Photo/Tom Weber

St. Paul streets may seem more slippery than in previous winters, but it's not because city crews are plowing less frequently.

City Engineer John Maczko said the city is actually plowing more this winter but has cut back on salt because of water quality concerns.

But he acknowledges that the persistent snowfalls and sub-zero weather this month have made it difficult to keep small neighborhood streets clear.

"Every night we've been plowing, salting and sanding because we get 2-inch snowfalls, 2-inch snowfalls, and those build up. I think people aren't used to the fact we're getting snow on a regular basis in small amounts, and it's also been very cold so the salt has been less effective," Maczko said.

The city typically calls a snow emergency and sends trucks onto neighborhood streets when it has snowed three or more inches.

But Maczko said the city has been plowing main thoroughfares more often this year in cases of non-snow emergencies.

Maczko cautioned drivers that warmer weather expected this week means that the streets could get messy.