Midmorning Weekend

A little math help
Yolanda Pineda-Ruiz, a bilingual educator, helps eighth-grader Marleny Burgos in math class.
MPR Photo/Laura McCallum

Segment 1: Temple Grandin on the emotional life of animals

Temple Grandin has been working with and writing about animals for much of her life. In her new book she argues that the best way to treat animals, whether they are on the farm or in our living rooms, is to stimulate their positive emotions.

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Segment 2: The science of emotional survival

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Psychology researcher Dacher Keltner says that though scientists consider competition to be a major motivator for human behavior, complex emotions like modesty and love also have a valuable role in social groups.

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Segment 3: Dying a good death

Medical advances and new medications have the power to save and prolong lives, but also can make death a slow and painful process. Two local doctors say the medical community, and society at large, need to have a renewed discussion about the way we die. Kerri spoke with Abbott Northwestern hospitalist Craig Bowron, MD as well as Robert Kane, MD: Minnesota Chair in long-term care and aging at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

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