Officer who killed Fong Lee testifies about shooting

Fong Lee running from police
This still from the security camera at Cityview Elementary School in north Minneapolis shows Fong Lee running from police. A central question is whether Lee is holding a gun in his hand, as the police officer has testified.
Still from security video

Andersen is the only known person who saw the shooting of 19-year-old Fong Lee. Anderson fired the eight bullets that killed Lee in 2006.

Andersen testified that Lee was carrying a gun in his right hand as he chased Lee. The plaintiffs' attorney, Michael Padden, showed Andersen a still photo from a security camera, showing Lee running from Andersen.

Padden asked Andersen if it appeared to him that Lee was or was not carrying a gun. Andersen said he wouldn't testify to whether or not the image showed a gun in Lee's hand.

Before trial began this morning, Judge Paul Magnuson issued another warning to the plaintiffs' counsel about improperly entering evidence.

Yesterday Padden showed a photo of Lee's bloodied body, without giving the family a chance to leave the room. Magnuson warned he would grant a mistrial if the plaintiffs pull such "stunt" again.

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