Franken raises $10 million since November

Al Franken addresses media outside his home
Al Franken raised about $10 million in the past eight months, according to reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission.
MPR Photo/Steve Mullis

Democrat Al Franken's U.S. Senate campaign raised about $10 million between Election Day last year and the end of June.

The Franken campaign and its recount fund collected more than $2.85 million in the second quarter of this year, as Norm Coleman waged his legal challenge of the election recount.

The numbers come from reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The $10 million Franken raised since Election Day amounts to more than half of what he raised for his pre-recount campaign.

Franken ended the second quarter of this year with more than $800,000 cash on hand.

Republican Norm Coleman's campaign did not respond to a request for its latest fundraising numbers.

Franken was sworn in last week as Minnesota's second U.S. senator, after the state Supreme Court ruled he was the winner in the long-running election contest. Norm Coleman, who had served one term in office, conceded shortly after the court ruled.


Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the total amount of money raised by the Franken campaign and the Franken recount fund. The campaign clarified its fundraising numbers after the original story was posted. The current version is correct.

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