Would a member-owned co-op work for health care?

Republicans and some Democrats in Congress are resisting the public option being proposed as part of health-care reform. One alternative under discussion is the member-owned cooperative, along the lines of those used by dairy farmers. Based on your experience with other cooperatives, would a member-owned co-op work for health care?

My employer recently switched FROM HealthPartners to a for profit insurer due to HIGHER cost at HP. So, are co-ops less expensive as a rule? Apparently not. -Dan, St. Paul, MN

Coop health care will be no different than non-profit. More substantial change is needed. -Jerry Olson, Red Wing, MN

A Co-op solution will solve nothing. Universal public insurance is our only option to globally compete for high levels of national health! -John Laughlin, Stillwater, MN

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