Reed says she won't abide by DFL endorsement

Sixth District Congressional candidate Maureen Reed said she'll no longer pledge to abide by the DFL endorsement after being overlooked by labor unions.

Since entering the race, Maureen Reed has said she would seek the DFL endorsement to challenge incumbent Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. But Reed's pledge to abide is now wavering.

DFL state Sen. Tarry Clark of St. Cloud, who's also running in the 6th District, has been piling up endorsements from organized labor. Reed claims those groups never gave her a chance to be screened and she said that's making her reconsider the primary.

"If this isn't an open and a fair process here, maybe I should keep my options open," Reed said.

The Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council confirms Reed was not screened for its endorsement. But a Minnesota AFL-CIO spokeswoman said Reed was interviewed and didn't measure up to Clark.