Brother: Minn. terror suspect being scapegoated

A Somali man arrested in the Netherlands for allegedly financing Islamic terrorists didn't show signs of extremist leanings and was so strapped for cash he couldn't scrape together enough money to bring his new wife from Somalia to the U.S.

That's according to the Minnesotan brother of the man, identified as Mohamud Said Omar. Authorities say Omar left Minnesota in November 2008.

Omar is being held at the request of American authorities who say his case is also tied up with the disappearances of some young Somali men from Minnesota.

Omar's older brother, Mohamed Osman, says he thinks his brother is being scapegoated. He says his brother never showed fanatical beliefs or much religious conviction.

Osman says his brother worked several low-paying jobs to make ends meet while he was in Minnesota, and didn't have enough money to send to terrorists.

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