More H1N1 deaths, but flu cases are waning

Seven more deaths have been linked to the H1N1 flu in Minnesota. The Department of Health says two additional deaths were caused by a type A influenza that was likely H1N1, but the agency was unable to do further testing to confirm it.

The deaths brings the total number of pandemic flu fatalities in the state to 44 since the H1N1 outbreak began in April.

The Health Department says another death was caused by a seasonal strain of flu. It is the state's first seasonal flu death this fall.

Illnesses from H1N1 continue to decline, and health officials have downgraded the outbreak's status. Last week there were only local outbreaks, and the previous week, the virus was causing illnesses regionally.

During the 10 weeks before Thanksgiving, the outbreak had been classified as "widespread."

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