Mining on the edge of the Boundary Waters

Kawishiwi River
1 Kawishiwi River 
Kawishiwi River
2 Kawishiwi River 
Jason Zabokrtsky
3 Jason Zabokrtsky 
Jason Zabokrtsky and Greg Seitz
4 Jason Zabokrtsky and Greg Seitz 
Greg Seitz
5 Greg Seitz 
Drill rig in BWCAW
6 Drill rig in BWCAW 
Steve Koschak
7 Steve Koschak 
Exploratory drill site
8 Exploratory drill site 
Well caps
9 Well caps 
David Oliver
10 David Oliver 
Core samples
11 Core samples 
12 Slurry 
Well caps
13 Well caps 
Kawishiwi River beaver dam
14 Kawishiwi River beaver dam 
Tyler Fish
15 Tyler Fish 
Exploratory drill sites
16 Exploratory drill sites