Rochester passes partner registry

The city of Rochester will create a registry for same-gender and other unmarried couples to ensure they can visit their partners in the hospital.

The City Council passed an ordinance 6-1 Wednesday despite opposition from those who felt more time was needed to publicly discuss the matter.

Council member Bruce Snyder favored the delay. Snyder questioned whether the city was the right level of government to address the matter. And, Snyder wanted to know if a $50 application fee would be enough to cover the cost of maintaining the registry.

Alderman Ed Hruska argued for taking an immediate vote. Hruska says it's an emotional issue, but not complicated. He said moving forward on the issue was "the right thing to do."

The Post-Bulletin says Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and Edina have similar registries. ---

Information from: Rochester Post-Bulletin

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