Full list of MN's U.S. News and World Report rankings


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The waiting game is over -- for this year


I've posted other college rankings before, but here's the granddaddy: U.S. News & World Report's.

The magazine looks at 16 factors among 1,400 accredited four-year schools. As usual, critics say the rankings are arbitrary -- and pressure colleges to boost scores at the expense of improving their teaching.

"There's the old cliche: Presidents love rankings when they're good, and then they're not, they think they don't matter," joked Hamline University President Linda Hanson, whose institution placed 9th among Midwest regional universities.

That said, consistency in rankings reflects some degree of accuracy, she said, and U.S. News' are fairly stable. She said donors, alumni and parents ask her about them on occasion, and the rankings "are one more barometer of how we're doing in the marketplace. They help us keep an eye on factors we need to be watching."

Below is the list of how Minnesota's schools ranked. Note that some institutions are tied with others for their position.  

Best National Universities

64 University of Minnesota - Twin Cities   

124 University of St. Thomas   

183 St. Mary's University of Minnesota   

Top 50 Public National Universities

23 University of Minnesota - Twin Cities   

Best Regional Universities - Midwest

9. Hamline University

17. Bethel University   

17. St. Catherine University   

22. Augsburg College   

24. College of St. Scholastica   

34. University of Minnesota - Duluth   

49. Winona State University   

65. Minnesota State University - Mankato   

81. St. Cloud State University   

84. Minnesota State University - Moorhead   

92. Bemidji State University   

95. Concordia University   

104. Southwest Minnesota State University   

Second-tier schools ranked 108-142, listed alphabetically: Metropolitan State University (did not participate)   

Top Public Regional Universities: 7. University of Minnesota - Duluth   

Best Regional Colleges - Midwest

15. Northwestern College   

46. Crown College   

50. University of Minnesota - Crookston   

70. North Central University   

Second-tier schools ranked 74-95 listed alphabetically: Bethany Lutheran College (did not participate)   

Top Public Regional Colleges - Midwest: 4. University of Minnesota - Crookston   

Best National Liberal Arts Colleges

8. Carleton College   

26. Macalester College   

51. St. Olaf College   

62. St. John's University   

79. Gustavus Adolphus College   

81. College of St. Benedict   

137. Concordia College - Moorhead   

The High School Counselors' Picks (New list)

National Universities: 47. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities   

National Liberal Arts Colleges   

20. Macalester College

28. Carleton College   

36. St. Olaf College   

Best Undergrad Engineering Programs

Schools Whose Highest Degree is a Doctorate: 22. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities   

Best in the Specialties - Chemical: 3. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities   

Best Business Programs

19. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (Carlson)   

Best in the Specialties - Management Information Systems: 5. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities   

A Strong Commitment to Teaching

National Liberal Arts Colleges   

1. Carleton College   

7. Macalester College   

9. St. Olaf College   

25. College of St. Benedict   

34. St. John's University   

Regional Universities - Midwest: 6. Augsburg College   

A Strong Focus on Student Success (listed alphabetically)

Senior Capstone: Carleton College   

Study Abroad:Carleton College, College of St. Benedict, Macalester College, St. John's University, St. Olaf College, Univerity of Minnesota - Twin Cities   

Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects:Carleton College, Macalester College   

Writing in the Disciplines: Carleton College   

A-Plus Schools for B Students (listed alphabetically)

National Universities: University of St. Thomas   

National Liberal Arts Colleges:College of St. Benedict; Concordia College - Moorhead; St. John's University; University of Minnesota - Morris   

Regional Universities - Midwest: Bethel University; College of St. Scholastica; Hamline University; St. Catherine University; University of Minnesota - Duluth   

Regional Colleges - Midwest: Northwestern College   

Great Schools, Great Prices

National Liberal Arts Colleges   

18. Macalester College   

25. Carleton College   

Regional Universities - Midwest: 12. Hamline University   

Colleges With a Specialty (listed alphabetically)

College of Visual Arts   

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Seeking Diversity

Valuing Economic Differences / National Liberal Arts Colleges: Carleton College (11% Pell Grants)   

The Foreign Student Factor / National Liberal Arts Colleges: Macalester College (13% international)   

Most Debt for Class of 2009

Regional Universities - Midwest: College of St. Scholastica ($40,401)  


National Liberal Arts Colleges: 3. College of St. Benedict


This year, the rankings added high-school guidance counselors' opinions to the mix and are broken out in a separate list. More schools were ranked this year, a reflection of both  increased consumer demand and improved data collection, a rankings official said.

The survey now displays the rank of the top 75 percent of schools in each category, up from 50 percent. The schools in the bottom tier are displayed alphabetically. 

The magazine also publishes a list of "Up and Comers," based on a survey of college administrators who were asked to nominate schools they think are making promising and innovative changes, but no Minnesota schools were listed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.