Atlantic Roars: Tropical Storm in Iceland?

We don't really think of Iceland and Greenland as tropical storm territory, but that may change this week.

Tropical Storm Danielle is making her way through the North Atlantic these days. The still near hurricane strength storm is packing 70 mph winds about 425 miles SSE of Cape Race, Newfoundland.

The latest guidance for Danielle maintains tropical storm strength for the system as it moves north toward Iceland or the southern tip of Greenland in the next 5 days.

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Tropical storms north of 55N are relatively rare, and Iceland sits at 65N. Pretty rare stuff in this summer of global weather extremes.

Earl intensifies:

Hurricane Earl has ramped up to a monster Category 4 hurricane. The fierce storm packs winds of 135mph as of late Monday.

Earl is expected to recurve just east of the eastern U.S. coastline and may graze the North Carolina Outer Banks and or Cape Cod with a glancing blow this week. High surf and coastal erosion will pound the beaches of the east coast this week. Look for you favorite Weather Channel reporter to be out in the pounding surf this week.

Fiona Forms:

The next tropical system is ramping up as an easterly wave that came off Cape Verde has become Tropical Storm Fiona. Hopefully "Fi" will not be as dangerous as our favorite Burn Notice character, but Fiona is expected to maintain strength as she tracks northwest toward the northern Lesser Antilles.

Expect storms to rumble across Minnesota from west to east overnight. Severe weather watches are posted tonight for the eastern Dakotas and northwest Minnesota.

Storms Return:

I'm back from vacation so that must mean that after a mostly storm free week, thunder is back in the forecast. If you're tired of the storms, I'm right there with you this summer.

Thunder may rumble into the Twin Cities metro well after midnight or toward morning, with the best chances for rain and thunder lingering through Tuesday. There will be a chance for some severe weather on Tuesday so keep a weather eye to the sky.

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