Notes in the Margins: Humanities, packing, resumes, dorms and freebies

In Continuing Education, Growing Interest in Humanities Continuing education programs have noticed a strong interest in their humanities courses. This growth comes amid a debate about whether courses should be tied more tightly to the job market. (The New York Times)

Consumers Need More Information on Colleges' Quality and Cost If prospective students lack the information, ability, or motivation to make decisions on the basis of such comparisons, then the market is unlikely to reward high-quality providers and compel others to improve. (

Community Colleges Want Changes in Proposed 'Gainful Employment' Rule Their association is urging members to weigh in on the Education Department's proposal, warning it could "negatively affect some certificate programs." (

Stop the truck! College students don't need to pack the kitchen sink. Two lessons are here: Roommates should communicate with each other long before move-in day. And parents need to get a grip on their overprotective instincts. (Lansing State Journal)

Video Resume Hazards: ‘What a Dorky-Looking Mustache!’ When done right, the results can be impressive. But more often, the effort goes horribly wrong. (Speakeasy - Wall Street Journal)

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More students forgoing off campus option The dorms are looking like a better option for students every year. MSU Mankato's director of residential life says the number of dorm dwellers has grown 8 percent in the last three years. (

Video of new Anderson Athletic Center The St. Thomas video is a bit heavy with ribbon cutting and administrator chatter, but you do get a peek at the new facilities. (

Big Ten announces division lineups This new look, which pertains to football only, will begin during the 2011 season when Nebraska formally joins the conference. (

'Student' thrift store turns throwaways into freebies A pilot program lets people take home unwanted furniture and housewares left by students. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

New WSU dorm fits 2010 sensibilities You know you’re in a building built for a new millennium when using the toilets properly requires instruction — pull up on the flush handle for number one, press it down for number two. (Winona Daily News)