Notes in the Margins: Mopeds, moving in early, study abroad

Mopeds need permits at the U: After seeing an increase in mopeds and moped-related safety problems, the University of Minnesota as of Aug. 30 does not allow moped drivers to park at bicycle racks. They need permits and must park in certain areas. British official wants tighter restrictions on student visas: The largest group of visas granted in 2004 was to students, and more than a fifth of them remained in the country five years later -- all while British universities face a shortage of places. Three books about the state of our colleges: The Washington Post looks at Crisis on Campus: A Bold Plan for Reforming Our Colleges and Universities; Higher Education?: as well as How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids -- and What We Can Do About It; and Engines of Innovation: The Entrepreneurial University in the Twenty-First Century. Early bird move-in specials: For $35 a day at the University of New Haven and $75 a day at the University of Michigan, freshmen and other students living in campus housing can move in as much as a week before the dormitories officially open. Internationally, college graduates fared better during recession: College graduates were far less likely to be out of a job than were their less-educated counterparts, according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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