Notes in the Margins: Incense, bizarre college courses and a student mayor

A new, legal high - MSU Reporter Incense or not, it is still being marketed as the new "legal high." K2, or Spice as it is known overseas, is a smokable herb mixture that has made its way on campus, the student newspaper in Mankato writes. (

Opinion: Stop using students as ATMs Why are students getting such a raw deal? Ironically, a root cause may be the University of Minnesota administration’s goal of becoming one of the top three public research universities in the world. (

David Leibow: Behind In Your Work? Tips For Getting Ahead The First Law of Academic Motion (FLAM), inspired by Newton's famous laws, states that "STUDENTS AT REST REMAIN AT REST AND STUDENTS IN MOTION REMAIN IN MOTION UNLESS ACTED UPON BY AN EXTERNAL FORCE." (Huffington Post)

This Community-College Sophomore Is Also Mr. Mayor Romaine Quinn, 20, is a second-year student at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County, and commutes between campus and city hall, where he serves as mayor. (

Obama at college summit: GOP plan would cut education spending President Obama applauded the nation's community colleges Tuesday as "the unsung heroes of America's education system" but warned that the Republican economic plan would imperil their mission and put the nation at a competitive disadvantage against other nations. (The Washington Post)

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Tom Vander Ark: College Squeezing Out the Middle Class There is no way to justify a $25,000 annual price tag (much less $50,000) for a string of keggers and lousy lectures. (Huffington Post)

Opinion: Dry policy does not address culture of sexual assault A dry-house policy might help. But that’s not addressing the root of this issue, which is raising awareness and promoting education about sexual assault. (

Jealously Looking at a List of College Courses I’d heard from a college parent about a class called “Myth, Magic and Movies” (also known as the Harry Potter class) at Wesleyan University. But further research and an article, “Is This Really a Class?” unfurled an array of classes with undoubtedly appealing, yet bizarre, subject matter. (

4-Year Colleges Aren't for Everyone, Poll Finds An overwhelming majority of Americans say it is better for some students to go to community colleges instead of four-year colleges and universities, according to a poll released today by the Associated Press and Stanford University. (

450 U students hit iPad lottery, to learn The U's College of Education and Human Development will give all its freshmen free iPads this month, joining several colleges and universities across the country in bestowing the Apple devices on their students. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Madison fines 3 Wis. students $86K for party The city of Madison is fining three University of Wisconsin-Madison students -- including a St. Paul student -- with more than $86,000 for a house party. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)