What the Students for a Democratic Society will be protesting tomorrow

From a press release:

Tomorrow at noon at the University of Minnesota's Northrop Plaza, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) will announce demands that the group is bringing to University President Robert Bruininks.

The organization participated in the Oct. 7 protest over the rising costs of tuition and larger class sizes. It continues to have complaints in those areas, and criticizes the way the administration has handled the use of space for student clubs on the 2nd floor of Coffman Memorial Union.

Note: University spokesman Dan Wolter stated in an e-mail that the U of M administration is not taking away student group office space:

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"A number of student groups raised the issue of how office space allocation in Coffman Union is determined, and a consultative process has been started to evaluate that process."

In the link above, the Minnesota Daily reports:

The Student Unions and Activities Board of Governors is in the process of reviewing how the 26,000 square feet of space on the second floor of Coffman is used. The board has identified four solutions, including altering Coffman’s second floor for open use by student groups or making room for a resource center available to everyone.

A university Web page bills the Student Unions and Activities Board of Governors as a "voice for students."

SDS member Chris Getowicz states in the press release:

“At a time when the University administration claims the budget is tight, they have no problems finding money for giant stadiums and overpriced upgrades on non-academic buildings. It’s time the university starts working in the interests of students, staff and faculty at the U instead of for overpaid administrators."

The organization says the U has made assertions that the 2nd floor Coffman groups should be evicted from their spaces. SDS member Grace Kelley stated in the press release:

“This is nothing less than an attempt to silence and further marginalize student community groups that provide a community space in an overwhelmingly large university. Many of these cultural centers were fought for out of a felt need by their respective community and we shouldn’t again have to again fight to defend them."

SDS states it will be asking for a response to the demands before the end of the following week, and a meeting within two weeks.