Notes in the Margins: Emmer's cuts, textbooks and Mankatos tunnels

Tuition costs could jump (again) after Emmer higher ed cuts As Governor, Tom Emmer would continue the policies of his predecessor by cutting state support for higher education, thereby pushing tuition costs upward. (

Police: Drunk UMD football star fought cops at Grandma's | An All-America linebacker for the University of Minnesota, Duluth, got into a drunken fight with police at a popular dining spot in town and was arrested while threatening to beat up the officers, authorities said Tuesday. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Andrew Sum: The Nation's Recent College Graduates Face Significant Labor Market Problems Young college educated workers, particularly those 25 and under, have not fared very well over the past three years. During the January-August period of 2010, we estimate that fewer than 50 of every 100 young B.A.-holders held a job requiring a college degree. (Huffington Post)

Buried Passageways As Minnesota State Mankato students walk along campus sidewalks, few realize that there is a labyrinth of underground tunnels buried beneath them. (

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Bruininks' changing course Entering his final year as the University of Minnesota's president, Bruininks has plenty of plans -- but limited money and a frightening state budget forecast that might mean more cuts are coming. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Midterm stress The best way to study is to develop your own study guide, form a study group and test each other on the information valued of high importance through shared agreement to obtain focus structure. (

In a Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks Though the world of print is receding before a tide of digital offerings, college students weaned on technology appear to be holding fast to traditional textbooks, but at a price. (

Growing flash mob phenomenon hits U of M's Northrop In recent years, both large cities and college campuses have been hit by flash mobs. They're not just for fun. A display of more than 1,000 backpacks in front of Coffman Union last year demonstrated the number of college students who commit suicide annually. (