Notes in the Margins: Drunkorexia, France and Mac's wind turbine

Phone app flaunts campus deals A student-run advertising agency will be launching a beta phone application next week featuring deals and coupons for Dinkytown, Stadium Village and West Bank businesses. (

Mac's wind turbine generates more hype than energy It's a "demonstration turbine," a "piece of lab equipment," a "symbol." But there's one thing Macalester's 90-feet wind turbine is not: a major source of energy on campus. (

'Drunkorexia' A Growing Trend Among College Students While "drunkorexia" is not a medical term, it has become easily understood slang for the practice of swapping food calories for those in alcohol. (

Alcoholic Energy Drink Blamed for Sickening College Students Central Washington University has determined that a high-alcohol energy drink under scrutiny nationwide is what sickened students at an off-campus party this month. (

Facebook Use Consoles Students After Campus Shootings, Temporarily Many students at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University, two sites of deadly campus shootings in recent years, turned to Facebook as a way to cope. But was the social network an effective outlet for their grief? A study whose results were published last month found that students reported short-term benefits but no long-term effect from reaching out to friends via Facebook. (

A Plea for More School Counselors A public school educator argues that "the school counselor of today is not the guidance counselor of yesterday'' -- and is in desperate need of qualified reinforcements. (

Business Students Look to France for an Education in Luxury New graduate programs in the management of high-end brands draw students from all over the world. (

Alcohol fuels tensions between college students, police October has been a bad month for college towns as police must respond to increasingly rowdy, sometimes violent, student behavior. (USA Today)

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