Life on the campaign trail

Tom Emmer in Rochester
1 Tom Emmer in Rochester 
Republican Tom Emmer
2 Republican Tom Emmer 
Riding in the RV
3 Riding in the RV 
Rochester rally
4 Rochester rally 
Emmer and Dayton
5 Emmer and Dayton 
Mark Dayton gives hugs
6 Mark Dayton gives hugs 
Making a phone call
7 Making a phone call 
Obama, Dayton
8 Obama, Dayton 
Talking with supporters
9 Talking with supporters 
Debate coin toss
10 Debate coin toss 
Talk show appearance
11 Talk show appearance 
Touring Schmidt Printing
12 Touring Schmidt Printing 
Joking during tour
13 Joking during tour 
Tom Horner and his son
14 Tom Horner and his son 
Gubernatorial debate
15 Gubernatorial debate