5 college networking tips for students

I've seen a number of how-to articles for students about interviewing, writing essays and other hard tasks for the communication-challenged.

Here's one of very few I've seen on networking while at a college/career function -- written for USA Today by St. Bonaventure University junior Amanda Klein, a journalism and mass communication major.

I've condensed it, but click on the link above to read the whole article.

  1. Be confident. Fake confidence if you have to. Know your abilities. Be enthusiastic about them. You know you’re capable of a lot, or you can at least pretend you are if you’re not feeling it.

  2. A well-placed compliment is always a great conversation starter. Five or six compliments peppered in the conversation will make you sound fake. Less is more.

  3. If there’s an open bar, that doesn’t mean you should take full advantage of it. How much fun is it talking to a sloppy drunk when you’re stone cold sober? Also, carry a drink when you’re working the room. Buy step aside when you want to eat.

  4. If you’re at a dinner, do not shovel forkfuls of food in your mouth. And avoid messy food.

  5. Do not cut your grape tomatoes. They spray.

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