Thursday news and reviews

Here are the arts stories making headlines in the past 24 hours...


Walker Art Center to screen censored Wojnarowicz work

The Walker Art Center will screen Fire in my Belly, the late David Wojnarowicz's video work that's at the center of controversy after the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery removed it from an exhibition at the urging of conservative Christian groups and legislators, according to a blog post by its director, Olga Viso.

- Paul Schmelzer, Eyeteeth (via TC Daily Planet)


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The Mesmerizing Involutions of Justin Jones' JIG

Lightsey Darst previews Justin Jones short new dances, JIG, on stage at the BLB. It's a departure for him, with tropes and trappings not typical to his work, so Darst chats with the choreographer to find out more about this intriguing change in direction.



Revisiting Reese & Rudd's Minnesota bomb

"How Do You Know" does not mark the first time Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd hooked up on screen. That honor belongs to "Overnight Delivery," shot in the Twin Cities. So how come you've never heard of it? Here's my 1998 article on how things went awry:

- Neal Justin, Star Tribune

Golden Globe nominations: Lots of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant

Yesterday morning, the 68th Golden Globe Award nominations were announced and there were some nice surprises (Ryan Gosling, Michele Williams, I Am Love, Emma Stone, Idris Elba for BBC's miniseries Luther) and more than a few "holy moly!" surprises (The Tourist, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp twice nominated, Kevin Spacey) in both film and television categories.

- Jim Brunzell III, TC Daily Planet


Here's why First Avenue's 40th anniversary was a blast

It took First Avenue a little more than six hours to celebrate its 40th anniversary on Wednesday night. In a word, it was a blast.

- Jon Bream, Star Tribune


Music Box Theatre to change name back to Loring Theater

The Music Box Theatre, perhaps best known as the home of Triple Espresso, has undergone quite a few changes in the past year...Soon, they will undergo another change; the theater will be taking back its old moniker, the Loring Theater.

- Jessica Armbruster, City Pages

Max About Town

Student movies at the Trylon, and a selection of gourmet candy

- Max Sparber,