1982: Metrodome deflates

Collapsed Metrodome
Snow falls into the field from a hole in the collapsed roof of the Metrodome in Minneapolis Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010. The inflatable roof of the Metrodome collapsed Sunday after a snowstorm that dumped 17 inches on Minneapolis. No one was hurt.
Ann Heisenfelt/AP

Oct. 2, 1981 marked the first inflation of the Metrodome. There was much hoopla and fanfare made about the new stadium until, 48 days later, the dome sprung a leak and deflated.

It would be the first in a growing list of tears and holes the roof would have to weather.

About a year after the first deflation, Minnesota received what Minnesota always receives in December: snow, and a lot of it.

Officials sent workers to the roof to clear snow with hopes of stopping the dome from collapsing -- just as they did this year. And just like the most recent deflation, their hard work proved to be no match for mother nature.

On a positive note, crews were able to repair the 1982 tear and re-inflate the dome. Although the Minnesota Vikings' game was moved from a Sunday to Monday that year, the team's season-ender went on under the dome.

Minnesota Public Radio's Dan Olson brings us this story of the 1982 deflation.

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