Art Hounds: 2010 Highlights, part three

The third and final installment of Art Hounds' 2010 Highlights is here!

(Click to check out the first and second installments.)

"Dark Matters" by Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM at the Walker Art Center

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Part of the Walker's Adventures in New Puppetry series, a truly amazing evening that brings new meaning to the word 'performance.' An unforgettable dance/theatrical experience that was both haunting and inspiring. (Trailer for the show is above).

-Juliet Patterson, poet and essayist

Eclipsed at Frank Theatre

Seven women -- writer Danai Gurira; actors, Shá Cage, Hope Cervantes, Nisreen Dawan, Signe Harriday, Yeukai Mudzi; and director Wendy Knox brought the tragedy of the Liberian civil war to the stage with an unflinching honesty that made me feel closer to my Liberian and other African sisters now residing in the Twin Cities. The excellence of the piece was in the nuances which were recognizable to me as an African-American woman -- the nod of disapproval, fury in the curl of a lip, on point accent and cadence in repeated words, and hilarious arguments, pride and hope over fake hair, nail polish, pretty dresses, and stories of folks from far away places. I laughed and cried and left feeling powerful in my woman-ness and friendships.

-DeAnna Cummings, executive director of Juxtaposition Arts

The Slow Mirror and the Metronome

The Slow Mirror and the Metronome was a sprawling sound, video and sculpture event that took place the Sample Room during Art-A-Whirl. Bands played from boats amongst video projections, floating installations, and sound collages transmitted to floating speakers, that all combined to create an environment that reroutes and harnesses the river's acoustics and reflective surface. Simply mind blowing.

-Chris Cloud, executive creative director, MPLS.TV

Arek Tesarczyk with the Minnesota Orchestra

Hearing Arek Tesarczyk perform the premiere of the Rautavaara cello concerto with the Minnesota Orchestra for their season opening concert was my highlight of the year. Arek is a musician's musician -- he always gives sensitive, complex, nuanced, and simply effective performances. Rautavaara is one of the most interesting, haunting, and effective composers to come out of Finland (which is saying a lot!). The Minnesota orchestra is playing at an exciting, world-class level.

-Rolf Erdahl, musician

Kendra Shank at the Artists' Quarter

Kendra Shank performed with Bryan Nichols on piano, Terry Burns on bass, and Phil Hey on drums. New York-based singer Shank and Minneapolis-based pianist Nichols met only hours before performing together. Both are fearless improvisers. The combination worked and the night was electric--creative, magical, in-the-moment music.

-Pamela Espeland, jazz writer and commentator

Taking the Right Turns, a pair of Jean Matzke retrospective exhibits

Jean Matzke was the most approachable, talented and engaging fiber artist. She was tragically killed in 2009. Her life and work was celebrated in a weekend of exhibitions at St. Cloud State University. Her work at face value was simply a beautiful weaving but there were a million amazing techniques going on.

-Solveig Anderson, fiber artist, furniture designer